Verus Corporate Responsibility

A culture of responsibility

Responsibility, integrity, and ethical practices guide our actions and shape the way we conduct our business. We are committed to achieving client success the right way, and we recognize that our responsibility extends to our clients, our people, our industry, and our communities.

Responsibility to our clients

As fiduciaries, our clients’ interests come first. We recognize their uniqueness and strive to offer investment advice that is consistent with their institutional values while exercising the standard of care expected from a fiduciary and a prudent expert. We believe in approaching mission-related objectives from a position of positive neutrality, advancing our clients’ values forward without imposing our own viewpoints.

Responsibility to our people

At the heart of Verus is its people, whom we support and motivate to realize their full potential. We believe the multiplicity of perspectives which come from a diverse workforce – and a diverse leadership – can lead to better outcomes and more creative ways of looking at things. We promote diversity in our hiring practices, fairness and respect in how we treat one another, and inclusive engagement in everything that we do.

Responsibility to our industry

We are committed to responsible investing, transparency in investment management practices, and advancing greater participation of emerging and diverse managers within our industry. Our pioneering work with the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative (IIDC), a collective of institutional investment consultants that aims to promote a more diverse investment industry, is one example of how we exercise responsibility to our industry meaningfully. Our annual outreach to Emerging and Diverse Managers is another.

Responsibility to our communities

Environmental awareness and sustainability practices are incorporated in a conscientious and responsible manner throughout Verus’ corporate operations. As responsible members of our communities, we keep ourselves engaged by promoting volunteerism and charitable giving through our corporate matching program and encouraging our investment professionals to lend their expertise to boards and investment committees of not-for-profits and educational endowments.