Verus Advisory™, a trademark of Verus Advisory, Inc.

Verus, the Latin word for true, stands for our firm’s commitment to the truth and to the values we uphold as a fiduciary to clients – clarity, integrity, trust, and independence.

Since 1986, Verus has been helping institutions achieve their investment goals through services that combine empirical research, customized advice, and personalized client service.

Today we advise on over $642 billion* in client assets, through non-discretionary consulting and discretionary OCIO services, for a wide range of clients including educational and charitable organizations, corporate, multi-employer and public defined benefit plans, hospitals and insurance providers.

In recent years, the environment for institutional fiduciaries has become more complex. More volatile markets, an increasingly interconnected global economy, and the introduction of new and complicated financial instruments make independent and professional guidance more necessary than ever.

In this challenging era, Verus has the experience and capabilities to help fiduciaries meet their responsibilities and achieve their enterprise objectives. We maintain a high investment professional to client ratio that ensures client access as well as client focus. Our most distinctive characteristics are the quality of our people, the principled nature of our culture, the insights of our research and our determination to serve our clients well.

Though our business has evolved, we continue to be driven by the same values our founder, William Wurts, established in 1986: to remain independent, research-driven, and client-focused. We are proud of our heritage and look forward to a future of empowering clients with thoughtful and innovative advice.

*Includes Verus’ total assets under advisement; preliminary as of 10/1/2022.