Verus Advisory™, a trademark of Verus Advisory, Inc.

Services Offered

Our services begin with objectives that are unique to the client’s enterprise. We take their needs and challenges and turn them into customized solutions and insights, delivered thoughtfully and strategically by capable consultants. Our innovative solutions draw on expertise in both traditional and alternative markets investing, global capital markets research, and a risk-focused viewpoint that shapes every facet of our investment practice.

We offer a full range of services under four service categories:

Non-Discretionary Consulting

  • Advising a diverse set of clients with unique circumstances and complex challenges requires expert solutions and personal attention. We help clients navigate the ebb and flow of global markets through education and rigorous research, source new investment ideas and opportunities across traditional and alternative asset classes, and chart a strategic road map that takes them closer to defining and achieving their investment goals.
  • Our disciplined, but flexible, process covers the most critical planks of successful fund administration: strategic planning and asset allocation, strategy implementation, and investment performance evaluation. We offer investment policy and objectives development, strategic asset allocation, manager structure analysis, investment manager selection, day-to-day consultation, staff and committee education, and portfolio performance monitoring.

Outsourced CIO (OCIO)

  • Handing over implementation decisions to a dependable and trusted OCIO relieves clients of workaday concerns in favor of strategic priorities, better oversight and a discerning way of deploying resources. We partner with clients to design solutions that fit their needs, at the level of discretion they desire, and by doing so we enhance their investment programs with a first-rate talent pool backed by robust research and exceptional access to top-tier managers.
  • Our approach to discretionary services emphasizes flexibility, return generation guided by risk management, strategic asset allocation, and leading-edge tools that help us understand and exploit what drives returns in portfolios.

Risk Advisory

  • Contrary to conventional wisdom, firefighters do not rely on heroism to protect property and save lives. They rely on basic training. The same can be said of risk management, which is not about complicated numbers and fancy formulas, but about culture and the day-to-day business of doing the basics.
  • The shifting dynamics of today’s global markets are best met with a planned, measured, deliberate approach to risk. While there are steps that investors can implement today, like making sure they understand what they own, the best course of action is to set up a plan framework that addresses investment risk for the long term. From investment policy design, risk allocation, portfolio construction, through managing and monitoring investments, we provide clients with the means to build this risk framework and the disciplined process to apply it to every facet of their investment program.

Private Markets

  • For clients seeking diversification and differentiated sources of return relative to traditional investment vehicles like equity and fixed income, we offer extensive resources in private markets investing, such as private equity, private credit and real assets, from a dedicated team of experts with decades of experience and an established record of success in these asset classes.
  • Our highly customized approach views the very broad spectrum of private markets asset classes and investment strategies through the lens of the client’s overall objectives, liquidity characteristics, and risk tolerances, resulting in a bespoke private markets portfolio that expresses the client’s convictions in every aspect of its construction, from top-down positioning to bottom-up fund selection.