Investment advisory services to achieve your enterprise objectives

Verus provides customized solutions, delivered strategically by best-in-class consultants. Our innovative solutions draw on expertise in both traditional and alternative markets investing, global capital markets research, and a risk-focused viewpoint that shapes every facet of our investment practice.

How Verus adds value

We rely on objective observation, rigorous research, demonstrable facts, and measurable results to help guide our clients. Yet the true value of our work lies beyond what can be measured—what we do impacts people’s lives.

Experienced team at the helm

Our senior investment professionals will lead the relationship, giving you the highest-quality investment expertise.

Custom-built solutions

We build portfolios customized to reflect your unique goals, circumstances, values, and beliefs.

Opportunity capture

Verus captures market opportunities by closely monitoring the market cycle and global events.


We tell our clients the truth even when it’s inconvenient.

Verus’ world-class investment team consults and designs investment policies and portfolio allocations customized to each client’s investment objectives and risk capacity.

We help clients navigate the ebb and flow of global markets through education and rigorous research, source new investment opportunities, and chart a strategic road map that drives the achievement of their investment goals.

Our process covers strategic planning and asset allocation, strategy implementation, and investment performance evaluation. We offer investment policy and objectives development, strategic asset allocation, manager structure analysis, investment manager selection, day-to-day consultation, staff and committee education, and performance monitoring.

Outsourced CIO

Outsourced investment management and implementation

For clients who choose to delegate the implementation of their investment policy, we offer highly customized and comprehensive solutions.

Our approach to discretionary services emphasizes flexibility, return generation guided by risk management, strategic asset allocation, and leading-edge tools that help us understand and exploit what drives returns in portfolios.

As a hands-on OCIO team, we eliminate the barriers associated with quarterly vetting, approval and review processes, and incorporate the advantages of daily market evaluations, live portfolio, and management tools.

We follow the data until it leads to insight, and turn insight into ideas that benefit our clients.

Our latest whitepapers, viewpoints, and annual outlooks.

Emerging & Diverse Manager Diligence Days

Verus seeks to expand our coverage of emerging and diverse managers by identifying additional skillful small and diverse firms for consideration and inclusion in client portfolios. Qualified managers are invited to participate in one-on-one meetings with senior staff June 3 – 14.