Non-Discretionary Consulting

Our professionals understand the complexities unique to each type of client.

Asset Allocation

Establish client-driven benchmark and incorporate objectives, constraints, and risk tolerance.

Effective Implementation

Allocate to strategic asset classes and expect to outperform benchmark.

Opportunity Capture

Verus captures market opportunities by closely monitoring the market cycle and global events.

Risk Management

Implement tools to monitor portfolio exposures and adjust positioning due to market or global events.

Rigorous market scrutiny

We approach investment analysis independently, rendering advice that is well informed and backed by rigorous research. The depth of Verus’ research fuels a unique perspective on the macroeconomy and capital markets, providing institutional investors a robust approach to portfolio design and opportunity capture.

Ongoing research & discussion

Daily investment meetings, strategy meetings, research publications

Focus on fundamental indicators

Valuations, momentum/trends, macroeconomic, risk factors

Thoughtful Guidance

Asset allocation, strategic tilts, active managers

We follow the data until it leads to insight, and turn insight into ideas that benefit our clients.

Our latest whitepapers, viewpoints, and annual outlooks.

Experienced, personalized, and well-resourced

The Verus consulting team are communicators who can interpret complex investments meaningfully. They’re educators with expert knowledge on subjects that matter to institutional investors and their staff. They’re a valued extension of clients’ teams. They’re client advocates who negotiate fiercely with managers, custodians, and brokers for better fees and better service. Above all, they’re trusted partners who will speak honestly, with conviction drawn from careful study, to help clients make the right investment decisions.