The Verus Topics of Interest webinar on “Broadening diversity consideration” was held on October 7th. You can listen to the recording using the link below.

Broadening diversity consideration Webinar Recording (MP4)

On this call, President Shelly Heier, CIO Ian Toner, and Public Markets Managing Director Marianne Feeley, discussed our whitepaper (linked below), and covered three main topics:

  • The broad investment case for considering diversity as a potential driver of better outcomes. Greater intellectual diversity can provide a better decision making environment, potentially increasing the probability of better outcomes, and broader diversity measures may provide indications of organizations that encourage intellectual diversity
  • The approach to effectively understanding diversity in investment manager assessment and selection. How should manager research professionals capture and understand diversity issues when assessing managers, and how can an “ask then listen, actions not words” approach help improve client portfolio outcomes
  • Actions Verus is taking as a company to engage with issues of diversity, both internally and in the marketplace. In particular they discussed a call to action that Verus is making to improve data collection from the industry