Verus takes part in the Pension Bridge Annual – Bonus Online Sessions

Listen in as Eileen Neill, CFA – Managing Director | Senior Consultant, joined the Risk Mitigation Strategies panel during the Pension Bridge Annual – Bonus Online Sessions. Listen to the replay by clicking the links below.

RISK MITIGATION STRATEGIES | Tuesday, April 14th | 1:10pm-2:10pm EDT

Topics included:

  • Understanding Tail Risk Severity and Impact
  • Understanding the Value of Risk Mitigating Strategies to Improve your Risk/Return Profile. What Risks should be Hedged Going Forward for a Recession or Extended Bear Market?
  • Why should this be its Own Bucket or Asset Class? What Type of Allocation is Warranted given the Expected Impact from Coronavirus?
  • What are the Different Asset Classes and Strategies of Risk Mitigating Strategies? Expectations for each Approach?
  • What are the Merits of an Option Overlay Strategy In Lieu of Owning a Tail Risk Hedge?
  • What are the Trend or Momentum Following Strategies that you Prefer for Downside Protection?
  • Why is Global Macro the Ideal Hedge Fund Allocation for Diversification and Decreasing the Depth of Drawdowns?
  • Has Managed Futures Proven again to Reduce Tail Risk in a Hedge Fund Portfolio? What was the Performance during March and also during the Last Financial Crisis?
  • Long Duration U.S. Treasuries as a Diversifier in Extreme Market Conditions
  • Building a Tactical Portfolio using Futures to Reduce Tail Losses and Enjoy Larger Gains
  • Put Options as Insurance
  • Using Information from the Derivatives Markets to assess Stress Points – where we are seeing the Greatest Tail Risks Building?
  • Systematic Risk Premia Allocations and Systematic Multi-Strategy Funds – did it Enhance Performance Outcomes in March? Are Short Track Records and Wide Variations in Products Concerning for Trend Risk Premia?
  • Are there Alternative Ways to Deal with Equity Risk? How Defensive are these Strategies?
  • Cost of Implementation as an Obstacle – how do you Minimize it?

Listen to the recording of Eileen’s session: Risk Mitigation Strategies Panel

Listen to the recording of the full Day 1: Bonus Online Sessions