Listen in to Jeffrey MacLean, Verus CEO, during the Crisis Management Webinar from Pension Bridge. He joined two other consulting firms to discuss the current financial crisis and what investors should be doing to weather the storm. Listen to the recording by clicking the link below.


Key questions included:

  • With the Investment Tide Going Out, which Investments would you say have been “Caught Swimming Naked”, (as per Warren Buffett)?
  • Have your Views on Bond ETFs Changed now that they’ve Proven to be an Illiquid Investment during a Selloff due to their Illiquid Holdings? Does this Change your Views for Active vs. Passive?
  • What are your Early Notions for Market Factors or Lessons Learned from this Crisis?
  • What Similarities and Differences are you seeing from the 2008 Crisis?
  • Do you believe the Fed’s QE Infinity Stimulus can Prevent an Extended Bear Market? Are you Expecting a V-Shaped Recovery or an L-Shaped Recovery?
  • What type of Rebalancing Changes do you believe CIOs should be Considering?
  • How much of a Blow has the Low Rate Environment been in trying to Fund Retirement Plans and how much do you Realistically Think Investment Returns can close that?
  • What might be the Future Effects of the Liquidity Challenges Pension Plans will face? Might that affect their Ability to Invest in Illiquid Alts?
  • Which Risk Mitigating Strategies or Non-Correlation Strategies do you find most Attractive if we were to see an Extended Bear Market and Recession? Any Investments to Stay Away From?

Listen to the playback by clicking the following link: Listen to the recording