In our recent ESG series, we established that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has had explosive growth as a topic many investors and their constituents are regularly discussing and contemplating. As a wide-ranging field, ESG encompasses many different approaches to consider when deciding to develop and implement a thoughtful ESG philosophy and policy that fits their needs. For those interested in learning more about integrating ESG into their investment process, our ESG series included several papers to assist in determining the best approach for their specific organization. Below is our library of current thinking on ESG.

How Verus approaches the challenge of building customized ESG advice and service to each of our clients.

A detailed, practical “soup-to-nuts” methodology to determine the best ESG policy for specific organizations.

How ESG considerations are integrated into our manager research process.

A few illustrative examples of ESG applications to demonstrate some of the ways investors might build understanding around integrating ESG into the investment process.

Please reach out to your Verus consultant if you’d like to discuss any of these topics in more detail.

We’ve added a BONUS Topics of Interest Paper, “ESG & Asset Allocation.” In this paper, we acknowledge the common practice of applying ESG values at the security-selection level and ask whether an additional focus on ESG integration within asset allocation decisions may help to increase an investor’s total desired influence. As this type of investing mindset gathers momentum, we believe investors who have chosen to take into account ESG issues while building their portfolios should consider a more holistic integration into broader asset allocation decisions.