Some important developments occurred in the first quarter of 2022. During the Verus 2nd Quarter 2022 Investment Landscape webinar, we discussed:

  • Market events during Q1 which resulted in negative performance across nearly every asset class, as risk-assets fell, interest rates rose, credit spreads expanded, and foreign currencies devalued.
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a remarkable response from the Ukrainian people, and subsequent shocks to global commodity markets as the West imposed sanctions and fears grew around potential large-scale disruptions to the energy and agricultural markets.
  • The balance of inflationary and deflationary forces at play in the current environment, and what we are watching to assess the likelihood of a variety of possible inflation paths from here.

We invite you to read more on these topics in our full 2nd Quarter 2022 Investment Landscape, or by listening to the webinar recording by accessing the following links: