The Judgmental Waiter

Everyone knows how hard coordinating a meal with a large family can be with a range of differing diet restrictions, affected by religious beliefs, health conditions, and personal preferences. At a restaurant the waiter plays an important role in helping the family navigate their complex dietary needs in arriving at a final order for the table. A similar situation exists with ESG, as the investment consultant (the waiter) is there to help the investment board balance their views, beliefs and preferences. In the end, this investment board must balance the beliefs and needs of the stakeholders (the family) in arriving at a decision regarding whether and how to invest along ESG guidelines. This “meal selection” process is complex and extremely important.

In this piece our CIO Ian Toner lays out how Verus is approaching the challenge of building customized ESG advice and service to each of our clients, and outlines the significant resource commitment Verus is making during 2020 and beyond to provide that tailored support.

Please note that the link to the podcast is a shortened presentation of the attached article. All references in the podcast to material events or market information are noted with citations in the attached article entitled ‘The Judgmental Waiter’.

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Sound Thinking Aloud: The Judgmental Waiter