2022: Back Towards Normal?

As we do every year, during January we sit down to think about what might matter for the coming year – and that process always begins with us assessing how we did the previous year. The goal of this is to help boards prioritize their work, whether it is actually allocating money or simply setting the agenda of topics they should be thinking about.

In the latest Sound Thinking, our CIO, Ian Toner, CFA will review topics from the previous year and outline the following topics that an investor might want to add to their agenda for the coming year.

      1. Supply chains: Normalizing not normalized
      2. Inflation: Lower not lowest
      3. Rates: Higher not high
      4. Risk assets: Moderately positive
      5. Private markets: 10 years not one year
      6. Politics: Disagreeing to disagree
      7. China: Still an issue
      8. Models: Numbers remain broken
      9. Real estate: Slow change, some opportunity
      10. ESG: Adding the you