Public Funds

Meeting the changing needs of public funds with integrity

Verus believes in the sanctity of public service. Integrity matters. The absence of conflicting business interests matters. Our pure consulting focus elevates the level of trust between our investment professionals and our clients in public organizations. Our independence from investment managers and competing business lines protects beneficiaries’ retirement security from real or perceived conflicts of interest.

Solutions tailored to your organization

Verus partners with state governments, state treasuries, counties and municipalities, and public safety, transportation, and utility agencies to protect the retirement income and health benefits of government workers across the country. Public institutions trust us to help them navigate the shifting landscape of their investment programs and fulfill their fiduciary obligations to retirees and employees.

A disciplined approach focused on consistent returns

We take our fiduciary duty to heart, exercising prudence, care, and loyalty at all times. Our comprehensive process and relevant experience provide fiduciaries with best practices to make informed decisions prudently and responsibly.
  • We build custom portfolios to fulfill unique investment objectives based on your governance, return goals, and risk preferences.
  • A culture of risk management informs our advice.
  • Senior consultants work with public funds, bringing decades of experience advising public institutions and working successfully with boards and committees.
  • We foster loyalty through proactive relationship management that builds trust and successful client outcomes.
  • Almost 70% of clients have been with Verus for more than 10 years.
  • Our investment process is driven by timely insights on global capital markets, differentiated public and private manager diligence, and asset allocation research.
  • We offer topical research and education on issues of interest to public funds.

We follow the data until it leads to insight, and turn insight into ideas that benefit our clients.

Our latest whitepapers, viewpoints, and annual outlooks.

Our People

Leadership team

The management team is dedicated to outstanding achievement on behalf of the communities, families, and individuals we serve.

Consulting team

Verus consultants offer perspectives born of research and experience, unconstrained by conventional thinking or industry consensus.

Investment Team

The talents of our investment team work together to fulfill the fiduciary duties of a discretionary advisor. The team takes on the multi-faceted responsibilities of program implementation and oversight.

Business Development Team

Our business development professionals work to develop relationships across sectors and provide meaningful insight throughout the advisor-exploration process.