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Public Markets Investment Managers

Our goal is to evaluate the broadest universe of investment products and strategies to find those most appropriate for our clients’ portfolios. We are always looking for new and innovative investment opportunities for our clients and we welcome you to participate.

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To inform us of material changes or issues related to your firm or product, such as ownership changes or departure of an investment professional, please contact us at

eVestment Global Database

The starting point of our process is the eVestment Global Database which serves as our primary platform for collecting data on investment products. We, therefore, encourage you to register your firm with eVestment and submit your data by using the most appropriate asset class portal in the link below. There is no fee for taking part in the database.

Submit your data to eVestment Global Database > 

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To help us get to know you, we require your response to all the following, please. After a careful review of your information, our public markets team will reach out to you to the extent there is interest and client fit. Otherwise, we will maintain your information in our files for future reference, when we have interest. Thank you.

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