OCIO Services

Verus OCIO is a comprehensive fiduciary solution for clients who choose to delegate the implementation of their investment policy.

Full service design and implementation

Verus OCIO services are highly customized and tailored to your specific objectives and policy parameters and include:

  • Governance and investment policy design guidance and assistance
  • Strategic asset allocation and portfolio implementation
  • Ongoing portfolio positioning and rebalancing based upon market conditions
  • Complete investment manager selection and implementation
  • In-house management of cash, bonds, equities, and/or synthetic securities
  • Comprehensive administration for prudent management of the entire investment program

Hands-on service and experienced investment professionals

Verus OCIO eliminates the barriers associated with quarterly vetting, approval and review processes, and incorporates the advantages of daily (and intraday) market evaluations, daily portfolio management tools, and in-house investment management using futures, ETFs and cash bonds.

Verus professionals’ trading experience in the equity, fixed income and derivative markets leads to a superior ability to manage through volatile market environments, capturing opportunities and managing risks when they arise.