Verus Market Update 3/17/20 – Full report

The first few weeks of March have been almost unprecedented in terms of market volatility and behavior. The combination of health concerns and oil market disruption has led to market moves of a type that we rarely see. Underlying this, there is also a real human concern about our families, and the human effect on people we love as the Corona virus spreads.

So what are long term investors to do?

The Verus Market Update webinar was held on Tuesday, March 17th at 11:00am (PDT). On our call, we discussed:

  • Where we are today, and how long we can expect economies and markets to be negatively impacted
  • What tools are available to governments, central banks, and regulators to help the economy through this challenge
  • What the longer-term economic implications on supply chain and economic structures are likely to be
  • Most importantly, what we believe investors should be doing in the current environment

We invite you to read more on these topics in our full Market Update, or by listening to the webinar recording by accessing the following links: