Insights from our investment professionals span a variety of topics and time horizons. Our Investment Landscape, published quarterly, reviews the global economy and capital markets with an intermediate to long-term perspective. Our Topics of Interest are white papers covering a variety of topics from a strategic standpoint. Viewpoints are more opinionated, editorial pieces on current issues or trends. And finally, our Annual Outlooks provide a strategic review of key asset classes, such as Real Assets, Hedge Funds and Private Equity, as well as the aggregate active management environment.

2015 Active Management Environment

New research from Verus shows that risk and return from active management are often not related in the way that one might expect. Investment managers within each asset class behave in different ways, and investors and consultants should take these differences into account when considering whether or not to pursue active management. Every year Verus… More

January 2015

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Something Fishy in Private Equity

Verus is pleased to announce our most recent Topic of Interest research paper, titled “Something Fishy in Private Equity”, which can be viewed here.Most investment processes were designed for public markets. In those markets there are a wide range of available products that an investor can choose at any time. That is not… More

November 2014

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Reshaping the Multiemployer Health & Welfare Investment Landscape

Multiemployer Health & Welfare plans are in the midst of an economic climate where rising healthcare costs will be transformative for both insured and self-funded plans. Increased cost implications, as a product of several factors such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions, increased insurance premiums and rising pharmaceutical drug prices have a direct financial… More

November 2014

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2014 Hedge Fund Outlook

The Hedge Fund industry has been communicating to their clients that the current environment is characterized by especially low volatility and especially low price dispersion. They have further claimed that this has made it particularly difficult for Hedge Funds to generate alpha. However, if we examine volatility levels over the past 10 years it is… More

October 2014

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Are Unconstrained Bond Funds a Substitute for Core Bonds?

Topic of Interest: Are Unconstrained Bond Funds a Substitute for Core Bonds? Download the Report

August 2014

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TIPS in a Rising Rate Environment

This Topic of Interest paper discusses the role of Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) in a portfolio, examines the sensitivities of these instruments to various market factors, and offers investors our thoughts regarding the proper investment horizon for TIPS usage. Download the Topic of Interest

July 2014

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2014 Private Equity Outlook

The market environment for new commitments to Private Equity Investors is not broadly favorable, as investors face a variety of headwinds to performance. Rising distributions and increased fund raising has led to record amounts of dry powder, which has driven up valuations and may result in a crowded future exit environment. However, we have found… More

June 2014

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Costs Ate My Alpha

Ian Toner, CFA Director of Strategic Research, has released this Topic of Interest paper to address recent news relating to hidden portfolio costs. Scandals in transition management, currency and stock trading arenas have drawn attention to the fact that investors’ portfolios can be subject to unexpected costs for a variety of reasons. Those stories are… More

April 2014

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