Corporate Pension Plans

Tailoring solutions to meet corporate pension needs.

Three decades of thought leadership working with sophisticated corporate pension plans have given us the know-how and experience to tailor advice to plan sponsors and map a path to reaching their investment goals. We partner with corporate clients to help improve funding ratios, reduce costs, navigate shifting DOL regulations, and strengthen the retirement outcomes for client workforces. The absence of conflicting business interests matters. Our pure consulting focus elevates the level of trust between our investment professionals and our corporate clients.

Custom solutions focused on consistent returns.

Verus provides corporate retirement plans with a wide range of services for the efficient oversight of defined benefit plans and different types of employer-directed or participant-directed defined contribution plans. We help clients close funding gaps and improve expected returns through thoughtful asset allocation, de-risking strategies to mitigate liability, custom glide paths, and end-game solutions for plans entering the later stages of their lifecycle. For defined contribution plans, we focus on participants’ retirement readiness and the plan sponsor’s fiduciary duties, offering carefully considered investment options that are cost effective, easy to understand, and address a variety of investment objectives.

A client-first approach

Verus follows a comprehensive approach for corporate pension fund management. Having a sound governance process in place combined with a well-defined long-term strategy is crucial for meeting funding objectives.

  • Long-term goals and expectations 
  • Enterprise risk tolerance 
  • Committee education
  • Fiduciary best practices
  • IPS development
  • Asset-liability analysis
  • De-risking glide paths
  • Custom liability hedging solutions
  • Asset class portfolio structure
  • Thoughtful investment manager selection
  • Cost management
  • Risk reporting

We follow the data until it leads to insight, and turn insight into ideas that benefit our clients.

Our latest whitepapers, viewpoints, and annual outlooks.

Our People

Leadership team

The management team is dedicated to outstanding achievement on behalf of the communities, families, and individuals we serve.

Consulting team

Verus consultants offer perspectives born of research and experience, unconstrained by conventional thinking or industry consensus.

Investment Team

The talents of our investment team work together to fulfill the fiduciary duties of a discretionary advisor. The team takes on the multi-faceted responsibilities of program implementation and oversight.

Business Development Team

Our business development professionals work to develop relationships across sectors and provide meaningful insight throughout the advisor-exploration process.