Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We follow the data until it leads to insight, and turn insight into ideas that benefit our clients. Institutional fiduciaries often make multi-million dollar decisions that can have a substantial impact on their organization or its beneficiaries. Increasingly, their decisions must be made in a rapidly evolving, highly complex investment environment. At Verus, we recognize the depth of that responsibility. That’s why we maintain an independent, unbiased approach to investment analysis and strive to offer our clients the most thoroughly researched and informed guidance possible.

Serving a wide range of client needs

Our professionals understand the unique complexities and important distinctions between the spending needs of endowments, the accrued liabilities of public defined benefit plans, the appropriate LDI solutions for corporate defined benefit plans, the communication complexities of defined contribution plans, and the specialized risk parameters of reserve assets—whether they are health care trusts, insurance portfolios or operating assets.

Commitment to education

We believe our commitment to research and education is a distinguishing characteristic. Visit our Knowledge Center to learn more about how we empower clients to achieve their enterprise objectives.