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Is Painless Diversification Dead?

Interest rates have collapsed in developed economies in past years, and more recently at home in the United States, which has greatly dampened investors’ performance outlook for diversified portfolios. These events have led many investors to question the traditional role of fixed income. In this Topic of Interest white paper, we outline some issues that… More

January 2021

Quantifying ESG in Portfolio Construction

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a wide-ranging field that encompasses many different approaches. Investors are integrating ESG into the creation of their policies, investment beliefs, strategic asset allocations, manager selection decisions, and much more. ESG ratings and scores allow investors to understand and compare the ESG profile of companies and managers. ESG screens… More

December 2020

Agreeing on ESG

December 2020

Private Credit Primer

December 2020


August 2020