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Webinar: Broadening diversity consideration

The Verus Topics of Interest webinar on “Broadening diversity consideration” was held on October 7th. You can listen to the recording using the link below. Broadening diversity consideration Webinar Recording (MP4) On this call, President Shelly Heier, CIO Ian Toner, and Public Markets Managing Director Marianne Feeley, discussed our whitepaper (linked… More

October 2020


Manager research and selection have long been described in the language of Ps – people, process, etc. Verus believes the familiar Ps approach, while useful, leaves out important aspects of manager assessment and their products because of its focus on inputs. The Verus approach is grounded in key principles that focus on outputs and enables… More

August 2020

Strategic liquidity

April 2020

Why Benchmarks Matter

November 2019