Sound Thinking

Sound Thinking: Knowing Where You’re Going Matters

Knowing Where You’re Going Matters What you believe matters – it drives your behavior, which drives the outcomes you get. This is true in investment portfolios, just as it is in life. In our latest Sound Thinking, our Chief Investment Officer Ian Toner reiterates the five key things underlying our investment beliefs, and describes why… More

June 2020

Sound Thinking: The Judgmental Waiter

The Judgmental Waiter Everyone knows how hard coordinating a meal with a large family can be with a range of differing diet restrictions, affected by religious beliefs, health conditions, and personal preferences. At a restaurant the waiter plays an important role in helping the family navigate their complex dietary needs in arriving at a final… More

March 2020

Priorities for 2019

January 2019

Hold the Mayo!

March 2017