Sound Thinking

Sound Thinking: Thinking Skeptically

Thinking Skeptically Risk markets are currently trading at all-time highs, cryptocurrencies are soaring, and investment markets are looking forward to a broadly positive post-COVID future. At times like these it can be valuable to consider the role that skepticism plays in the investment process. How should an investor approach the wide range of opportunities that… More

May 2021

Sound Thinking: Finding Comfort in An Uncomfortable World

Finding Comfort in An Uncomfortable World It’s that time of year again to form expectations for the next 12 months. Since the last time we released our start-of-the-year Sound Thinking, the world has changed entirely. It is difficult for investors to look forward to 2021 with much certainty. However, in the latest Sound Thinking, our… More

January 2021

Priorities for 2019

January 2019