2023: The Return of Simplicity

Each January we consider the year just gone and the year ahead. We assess the suggestions that we made the previous year to see what we called correctly and where we got things wrong. We also suggest topics that we believe should be on the agenda for the balance of the coming year. So what are the topics we think matter for 2023?

  1. Inflation: Down, bumpily
  2. A landing: But what kind?
  3. Rates: Lower but slower
  4. Zero makes heroes: Funded foolishness failing
  5. More office pain: The slow recognition of reality
  6. International markets of mystery: Or opportunity?
  7. Active opportunities: Decision making matters
  8. Private pain: A drag for a while
  9. ESG: Louder not quieter
  10. Simple beats complex: With a twist

Verus Sound Thinking – 2023: The Return of Simplicity (PDF)