We are pleased to release the Verus 2020 Real Assets Outlook, which can be accessed with the link below.

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the global economy has dramatically altered our outlook on inflation, risk and asset class returns. Going into 2020, valuations for many risk assets were rich and expected returns were low. In a matter of weeks, we’ve seen a broad market sell-off, improving valuations. The 2020 Real Assets Outlook includes insights around the following trends:

  • A combination of poor performance, high volatility and ESG-related concerns are driving a shift in investor preference within real assets.
  • The shutdowns of economies around the globe will likely have lasting impacts and create some stress and distress for affected assets and those with highly levered capital structures.
  • Negative impacts in real estate will likely take several quarters to flow through the appraisal cycle on the private side, creating challenges for existing assets and opportunities for fresh capital.

We look forward to discussing this research with you.