Stewards of Tomorrow

Independent consulting & outsourced CIO services for institutional investors

Outsourced CIO

Delegate implementation decisions to a trusted CIO.

For clients who choose to delegate the implementation of their investment policy, we offer highly customized and comprehensive solutions.


We tell our clients the truth even when it’s inconvenient.

Verus’ world-class investment team consults and designs investment policies and portfolio allocations customized to each client’s investment objectives and risk capacity.

Who We Serve

Serving clients with customized solutions and insights


Verus partners with government entities and public agencies to protect the retirement income and health benefits of civil servants by providing a risk-focused approach, market-leading research, and an absence of conflicting business interests.


Verus advises some of the country’s most-respected non-profits with the design, implementation, and monitoring of their retirement plans, endowment assets, foundation assets, operating assets, or long-term capital.


Multi-Employer and Taft Hartley clients comprise multiemployer trusts that sponsor multiple plans, including DB retirement plans, various types of DC plans, health & welfare trusts, and training trusts.


Corporate retirement plans comprise a wide range of services for the efficient administration of defined-benefit and defined-contribution plans. Each corporate portfolio is built to achieve optimal outcomes while reducing fees whenever possible.

We follow the data until it leads to insight, and turn insight into ideas that benefit our clients.

Our latest whitepapers, viewpoints, and annual outlooks.