Verus Investors Story

VERUS INVESTORS services provide discretionary management of an institution’s entire investment program, reflecting an organization’s decision to delegate most of their fiduciary responsibility for the implementation of their investment policy.
Our comprehensive solutions combine our capital markets expertise with advanced perspectives on risk and an in-depth understanding of each client’s situation.

Problems with the status quo

Most institutional portfolios have three major flaws: lack of diversification, an inferior rebalancing strategy, and failure to recognize risk exposures in valuations. Institutional portfolios typically reflect geographic bias, rosy assumptions about the economic environment and concentrated equity risk.

Benefits of a risk-conscious approach

Asset allocation drives approximately 90% of a portfolio’s risk and return characteristics. Yet conventional asset allocation is static, while in day-to-day reality, a portfolio’s risk profile rises and falls, requiring flexible management. That’s why we take into account the dynamic nature of risk in creating a customized portfolio designed to meet a client’s return goal. We then measure, monitor, and manage the portfolio of risks within the Board’s guidelines.

Cost effective, transparent exposures

Institutions often pursue expensive alpha strategies to little advantage. We construct portfolios of diversified beta and thoughtful risk premia in low-cost vehicles, with a judicious allocation to alpha opportunities.