Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

Long-term Health Impacts of COVID-19

Most investors seem to be focusing on the health impacts of COVID‐19 in a binary way: either the infected individual recovers (and lives) or they do not recover (are deceased). Although rarely discussed by investors, there is a growing body of research by medical experts that suggests a significant portion of COVID‐19 survivors face longer‐term,… More

February 2021

1st Quarter 2021 Investment Landscape

Some important developments occurred in the fourth quarter of 2020. During the Verus 1st Quarter 2021 Investment Landscape webinar, we discussed: The emergence of several new, more-infectious strains of COVID-19, and the current progress of vaccine administration. Joe Biden’s election victory, the completion of a democratic “Blue Wave”, and what this may mean for markets.… More

January 2021