Annual Asset Class Review Schedule

Annual Asset Class Review Schedule

The Verus research team conducts desk research and initiates meetings/conference calls 1-2 months prior to the time frames listed below.


  • November
    • Non-Style Specific Domestic Equity
    • Risk Parity
    • TIPS
  • December
    • Non-Style Specific International Equity


  • January
    • International Small Cap Equity
    • Short Duration
  • February
    • Small Cap Value Equity
    • EM Debt – Hard, Local, Blend
    • Multi-Asset
  • March
    • Global Equity
    • Currency Alpha
  • April
    • Small Cap Growth Equity
    • Target Date

This is a general schedule, subject to change, used as an internal planning tool, being provided as general guidance for more effective coordination of dialog with asset managers and is not necessarily inclusive of all markets or all strategies reviewed.

This schedule does not include research done by the Verus Private Markets team which conducts its research as determined by the characteristics of that asset class.